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by Nix


1. Melamine erasers

Brands: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Scotch Brite
Where to Buy: True Value, Saizen
How they Work: As a doll owner, melamine erasers will be your best friends when it comes to cleaning. A dry eraser can remove minor stains on your doll, while a wet eraser takes care of the tougher stains.
Caution: Melamine erasers could erase faceups if you scrub too much. And since these erasers are actually very fine sand paper, scrubbing too much can make your doll shiny.


Brands: Mr. Color
Where to Buy: Lil’s Hobby Center
How it Works: Thinner is the best thing to use to clean off old faceups. Pour a substantial amount onto a piece of cotton. Rub until faceup is completely removed.

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