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BJDtv Presents: The Amazing Race, Manika Manila Edition

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:00 pm
by Alek

Welcome to the premiere of BJDtv, the first of what will hopefully be a series of games for BJD hobbyists, by BJD hobbyists! Launching within ManikaManila, this will be your chance to participate in games and challenges, compete against other hobbyists and get the chance to win amazing prizes!

And with that, we are happy to launch:


The Amazing Race, ManikaManila Edition will be your chance to send your dolls around the world (figuratively) and go on the journey of a lifetime.

This is a creative contest modeled after the original amazing race, where teams of two dolls between two owners will simulate traveling to various locations across the globe to complete unique challenges to test their teamwork and creativity.

While visuals are important in this contest, it is NOT a photography contest. Participants are allowed to use photoshop, editing tools, and whatever else they see fit to get the end result.

CONTENTS | Forming TeamsCompleting ChallengesEliminations & Winning ▫ Judging Criteria & JudgesPrizes & SponsorshipsSchedule

Forming Teams

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:01 pm
by Alek

One of the main goals of the Amazing race is to promote community involvement and interaction between members. As such, The Amazing Race is a team game, played by two participants per team.

  • This is a ManikaManila contest. Only members of the ManikaManila forum are allowed to enter.
  • Teams are made up of two dolls of two different owners.
  • Teammates are not required to be in the same location. Collaboration between people regardless of distance and proximity is encouraged.

If you do not have a team mate, you may choose to post on this thread to look for a partner, or PM me to be matched with a partner randomly. [/b]

For a team to be counted as officially entering the contest, they must submit an ‘Team Intro’ in the form of photos or a photostory mention the following information:
  1. Dolls’ names and relationship to each other (Friends, siblings, workmates, Hobby friends, etc.)
  2. Why they you think they can win the Amazing race.
  3. A half-body shot of both dolls together that will be used for the roster.


Deadline for forming teams and submitting your Team Intro is October 9, Sunday, at 11:59PM.

Send all entries to: with the subject 'AMAZING RACE - TEAM INTRO'.

Completing Challenges

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:01 pm
by Alek

Like all contests, the Challenges is at the center of the competition. In The Amazing Race, your dolls will be figuratively traveling all over the world, taking part in the destination's culture and traditions. Throughout the contest, teams will be given destinations ang challenges which they are going to have to show themselves completing in order to advance through the game.

  • Each round, teams will be given roughly 2 weeks to complete the two given challenges per pitstop.
  • Teams must be visually shown performing the task. Output for the challenges must be primarily visual through photos or a photostory, but participants may submit a short story or writeup to accompany the visuals.
  • Both dolls must be depicted as participating in the challenges in one way or another.
  • Photos can show the contestants getting ready for the challenge, actually performing the challenge or reacting to having finished the challenge.
  • Other dolls who are not included in the team may be featured in your entry, but cannot be shown as the ones completing the task.
  • Teams are freely allowed to photo-manipulate their images as they wish. Photoshopping the two participating dolls together is more than acceptable and is encouraged over having the teams do the two challenges separately.

To see a sample Challenge & Entry, click here.

Eliminations & Winning

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:02 pm
by Alek

While we want everyone to have as much fun as possible, in order for someone to win, there must be those who unfortunately lose. The Amazing Race will be a game played in multiple rounds with contestants eliminated after each round.

  • Each round, there will be eliminations of the lowest scoring teams, ranked based on the judging guidelines.
  • Teams who fail to submit are automatically given a score of 0. Incomplete submissions (such as only completing one of the two challenges, or only including one of the two dolls) will be accepted, but can only score a maximum of 50%.
  • The teams with the lowest scores depending on the number of people needed to advance will be eliminated.


If you have survived Eliminations and made it to the last round, Here's what you can expect from the last leg of the race.
  • The last round will be played between the last remaining 5 teams*.
  • There will only be one challenge in the last round, but in addition to completing the challenge, the last remaining teams must submit a “Victory” image, depicting their team winning the race.

In case of a tie, Scores accumulated from round 1-4 will carry to the final round as bonus points.
  • +3 points to the final round score for previous round scores of 90pts and above
  • +2 points to the final round for previous round scores of 80-89pts
  • +1 point to the final round for previous round scores of 70-79pts

*The number of teams in the final is subject to change, depending on the total number of participants in the race.

Judging Criteria & Judges

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:03 pm
by Alek

Ingenuity - 40%
Otherwise known as creativity. This is how much imagination you put into answering the challenge. Is your entry unique? Did the way you answer the challenge stand out? The more you think out the box and the better you do in this category.

Teamwork - 25%
While we understand it is more likely that you will not be able to shoot together, we value the effort put into making it look like both dolls are partaking in the challenge equally or even helping each other out in the challenges.

Documentation - 20%
Otherwise known as technical skills. Though the smallest component, you are still rewarded for how well you compose and render your photo. Storytelling is also encouraged and you are awarded more points for a well executed narrative.

Navigation - 15%
How well do you depict the location the challenge is located in in your entry? Would someone be able to tell where in the world your characters are just by looking at the background? The better you depict the scene, the more you're rewarded.


BJDtv could not pull this off without the help of ManikaManila and it's amazing mods. As such, in addition to myself, you can count on your friendly community mods to help judge the competition. Thank you to Nix, Kass, Kuri, Trisha & Tin.

Prizes & Sponsorships

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:04 pm
by Alek

Grand Prize
  • The winning team will receive the grand prize of their choice of one complete outfit from taobao for each member, collectively worth 500RMB. BJDtv will cover all fees and expenses that may be incurred importing the prize.
  • P1,000 Gift Certificate on purchases

  • The winning team will receive the grand prize of their choice of one complete outfit from taobao for each member, collectively worth 200RMB. BJDtv will cover all fees and expenses that may be incurred importing the prize.
  • P500 Gift Certificate on purchases

More Prizes to be announced later.


BJDtv Would like to thank our sponsors:


The Amazing Race is open to accepting Sponsorships for Prizes for the winners.

Sponsors will be publicized on BJDtv accounts as well as within the game itself. Sponsors are also welcome to join the judging panel, but all Sponsors are prohibited from joining the game.


PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:04 pm
by Alek

AUG 21 - OCT 9 | Registration Phase
OCT 10 - OCT 23 | Round One
OCT 24 - NOV 06 | Round Two
NOV 07 - NOV 20 | Round Three
NOV 21 - DEC 04 | Round Four
DEC 05 - DEC 18 | Final Round

Sample Entry

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:06 pm
by Alek

Each round, teams will be given a Detour Card for that Leg of the race. The Detour Card will contain two challenges that teams must choose between.


As stated in the previous section, all entries can depict the teams before, during or after "Acting out" the challenge.

Here are two sample entries, both depicting two different ways of completing Challenge A and how they might be scored.


Ingenuity - 30 (The Entry tries to be funny with how the hardest part of the challenge is deciding who eats it.)
Teamwork - 25 (Both members are clearly shown together, interacting.)
Documentation - 15 (The Entry would score more if it told more of a story.)
Navigation - 14 (The Entry shows the streets of Manila, but could use to be a little more distinct.)
TOTAL - 84/100

Ingenuity - 20 (The Entry also tries to show the same idea as earlier, but in a less dynamic way.)
Teamwork - 24 (The Entry makes it look like both team members are together even if they might not have been.)
Documentation - 20 (The Entry plays out well and shows the team dynamic.)
Navigation - 5 (The Entry looks like it could have taken place anywhere.)
TOTAL - 69/100

If these two entries were to be compared, the first entry would have scored higher and more likely to advance.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:07 pm
by Alek

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:06 pm
by Alek