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B&G Ymir (Bijou's last and forever home) ~

New arrivals & box opening photos go here!
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B&G Ymir (Bijou's last and forever home) ~

PostTue Sep 29, 2015 6:07 pm

Last June 26, 2015, I got my first BJD and I told myself, I won't adopt anymore this year. But as luck and coincidence would have it, I met Azelle (asheathena) she told me that she was thinking of selling his Ymir, when I saw his picture, I quickly felt sad for him and for her, so I adopted him. :yes: He doesn't really have a part in my dolly plans, but when he arrived at my workplace, he became Chaos' BFF. :googly: He's my first secondhand doll,and I'm his third Mommy. I'm so happy to have him! Will upload more photos of him in the future. I decided to name him Bijou Mephistopheles. So here are some pics :)


Another box opening at my workplace...

His pretty head. I had to replace his eyes since his old eyes seemed very lonely.. :yes:

After bathing him, restringing him, here he is, fully dressed with my headless Chaos. He's very yellow but it doesn't stopped me for falling in love with him..

He poses better than my RS boy.. He has a very smooth posing and is heavy.Hey cutie, what are you doing? "I'm looking for the lost City of Atlantis!"

Thank you for viewing!
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