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How to use the ManikaManila Census

Read this before posting!
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How to use the ManikaManila Census

PostWed Nov 20, 2013 1:09 am

Here's a little guide on how to use the ManikaManila Census, otherwise known as The List of Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls in the Philippines.


  1. LATEST UPDATES - Here you will find the most recent Update date & time, as well as the newest Additions and Edits to the census.
  2. ABOUT - Click "About" to read a little about the census, and find links to our forum and official website!
  3. ADD A DOLL - Click "Add A Doll" to well...add your doll to the census!
    For edits, you can just email the changes to

    A sample fill-up of the Add A Doll form!

  4. THE LIST - Click "View List" to reveal the list of all dolls in census!

    You may click "Hide List" to...well. Hide the list once again.

  5. DOLL ENTRY - Your doll's entry! It contains a photo, name and information.
  6. INFO - Your doll's info. It contains the doll's Name, Photo, Sculpt, Arrival date, Location, Owner, Forum username and Website.
  7. DOLL TAGS/CATEGORIES - The tags/categories your doll falls under.
  8. VIEW ENTRY - Each doll has their very own page in the census. Click "View Entry" to see the entire page!
  9. TOGGLE CATEGORIES - You may choose to show/hide the category list if it somehow obstructs your view of the rest of the site.
  10. SEARCH - You can search the census for a doll, their owner, a location, anything you can think of!
  11. CATEGORIES - We have three main categories: By Size, By Company and By Location. You may view all dolls listed under each category. You may also scroll down to sort the dolls by month of arrival.

Please take note that your doll will not be added or edited instantly. The Census is updated manually to maintain consistency. It may take up to a few months before your doll gets added/edited.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a PM. :)
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