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Warning: Cyril Quizon [BANNED]

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Warning: Cyril Quizon [BANNED]

PostMon Aug 15, 2016 3:24 pm

We, the moderators of ManikaManila, have received several reports accusing Cyril Quizon of the following:
    - passing off recast items as authentic
    - neglecting to inform her buyers about the authenticity or lack thereof of a certain product
    - displaying a lack of transparency to her buyers with regards to her prices and fees
    - giving fake/old order numbers
    - failing to communicate properly with her buyers
    - verbally abusing, threatening, and harassing her buyers
    - participating in trades and failing to fulfill her part of the obligation
    - constantly missing deadlines of agreed upon payments

We have received multiple reports of these incidences from several people and have taken the necessary steps in order to verify and authenticate the accusations and sources of which listed above.

In the interest of community welfare, we are revoking Cyril Quizon's membership and access to ManikaManila until further notice. This ban applies to the ManikaManila forum and all ManikaManila-related social media outlets.

Below is a list of Cyril Quizon's known usernames and pages. Please be vigilant.
    - saiyukiko29 (Forum Username)
    - Cyril Quizon (Personal Facebook)
    - Manikang Pinagtuglong ng Bola (Facebook Shop Name)
If you have any evidence that can affirm or negate the accusations above, please contact the ManikaManila moderators below. Your privacy is assured.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of some of these cases – especially those that concern threats and abuse – we have decided to keep the identities of those affected private in the interest of their wellbeing. Rest assured that the ManikaManila moderators have looked into these incidences as thoroughly and as objectively as possible. Please contact us through any of the channels listed above for concerns.
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