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Buyer Beware: Recast Shops and Sellers

Information on important community issues such as recent bans, suspensions, and warnings.
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Buyer Beware: Recast Shops and Sellers

PostFri May 13, 2016 6:51 pm

ManikaManila is a community of doll enthusiasts built on the art and artistry of those in the BJD industry. As part of our advocacy to support those who earn their livelihoods by making the dolls we love, ManikaManila does not allow the presence and discussion recasts (also known as bootlegs, pirated dolls, etc.) in the ManikaManila forum or any ManikaManila official social media accounts. For our detailed stand on recasts and why we've decided as such, please click here.

As a public service to the members of ManikaManila, this thread will serve as a warning to all those looking to shop for a BJD. We want to encourage everyone to only transact with legitimate companies, dealers, and sellers.

The companies, shops, and sellers listed in this thread are known or have been reported to sell or offer recast dolls. Transact at your own risk.

Recast Shops and Sellers

Yunyan Zhu
We have received two separate reports about this Facebook-based seller for selling recast dolls.

Cyril Quizon (@saiyukiko29)/Manikang Pinagtuglong ng Bola
Cyril Quizon is banned from ManikaManila for multiple incidences of recast-related scamming and overall ill behavior. Please see this thread for more details.

This thread will be updated as needed. To report suspicious activity, please PM any ManikaManila moderator with your concern and any accompanying evidence or proof.
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