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Rule Revisions 2/12/2016

What's happening at ManikaManila?
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Rule Revisions 2/12/2016

PostThu Feb 11, 2016 11:45 pm

Hi all, I'd just like to bring to your attention an update to the suspension and banning page of our forum/community rules:

tl;dr, here are the biggest changes.

1. A change on the list of bannable offenses, including but not limited to...

1. Impersonating someone and doing bad things under his/her name.
2. Harrassing fellow members excessively. Not stopping after three warnings.
3. Repeatedly posting mature content even after three warnings.
4. Harming the peace of the community deeply in any way (eg. ruining MM's reputation; inciting fights among members)
5. Continuing to engage in illegal acts on the forum after a warning. This includes giving tips on how to bribe customs officials (condoning corruption), or selling/endorsing pirated goods (see our stance on recasts).
6. Directly harming a member through bullying (cyber or in person), scamming, or attacking (physically or emotionally).

2. Encouragement and guidelines for members to REPORT PEOPLE to the moderators.

If you believe that a member must be given a warning or be considered for banning/suspension, please contact the moderators. However, we will not take action on mere hearsay or gossip. To have a member considered for a warning, banning, or suspension, evidence must be provided.

Acceptable forms of evidence: screencaps, pastebins, photos, and personal (first-person) anecdotes, links to actual posts on the MM forum, social media sites, or blogs.
Unacceptable forms of evidence: "she said, he said" stories, posts on anonymous communities such as BJD confession blogs, group agreement without reason (eg. "we want this person out of the community because we hate her, that's all.")

While these are the biggest changes to the rules on suspension and bans, please take time to read the entire article. Please also contact us if you have any questions or need any clarification.
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