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Guidelines for Problem Transactions

Negative feedback goes here. Read the rules carefully before starting a thread.
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Guidelines for Problem Transactions

PostWed Jul 01, 2015 11:31 pm

Welcome to the Problem Transactions subforum!

What Is The Problem Transactions Subforum:
This subforum is designed to be an avenue of resolution for any unsatisfactory or unfair transactions that have occurred within the community. This subforum will also alert the moderators of the health and status of the community marketplace and allow them to assist the affected parties reach a resolution satisfactory for all involved.

When To Post Here:
1. Failure of Delivery: If you purchased or commissioned an item that should have been delivered by a certain date but was not fulfilled by then, you may open a thread here.
2. Bad/Inaccurate Items: If you purchased or commissioned an item but received something that was far from what was promised in terms of look or quality, you may open a thread here.
3. Non-Responsiveness: If you are unable to contact the other party through any form of communication, or if the other party is consistently ignoring or not replying to your messages, you may open a thread here.

Before Posting:
Before you post here, as much as possible, please try to resolve your transaction in private. Communicate your needs and desires with the other party as clearly and as objectively as you can. If you feel that the other party is not responding to private communication, or if you are no longer able to reach the other party entirely you may post here.

Thread Title:
Please follow this format when posting a thread in this sub forum:

Problem Transaction With <Insert Forum Username Here>

This is to ensure that all threads can be monitored. These threads will also be linked to the person's feedback thread.

Guidelines for Posting:

1. The purpose of starting a thread is to present an objective overview of events as they occurred in order to substantiate your claim against the other party. Provide your post with a lot of details. The most advisable would be a timeline of events with dates. Feel free to provide screen caps of messages if you feel they are relevant.


- I commissioned <Insert Forum Username Here> for two (2) MSD-sized dresses last November 15 2014.
- She asked for full payment up front, so I sent her payment via Unionbank Bank Deposit last November 17 2014.
- She promised me that the items would be completed by December 15 2014.
- Today is February 18 2015 and I still don't have my items. <Insert Forum Username Here> has ignored all my messages asking for updates.

2. Be as objective as possible. We know the experience of a problematic transaction can be upsetting, but this is a thread for transaction resolution, not slandering or ranting excessively about the person you are upset with. If you desire, feel free to state what makes you so upset in relation to the transaction.


<Insert Forum Username Here> is such a horrible person, I hope birds swoop in from the sky and peck her eyes out!


<Insert Forum Username Here> consistently ignored my messages despite being shown as online, which was very upsetting to me, since all I asked for was the tracking number of my package.

3. Indicate your desired results at the end of your thread.

- I want <Insert Forum Username Here> to give me an update about the status of my items.
- I want to receive my commissioned items by March 1 2015.
- If I do not receive my items by March 1 2015, I would like a full refund of my payment.

Questions? Suggestions?
Please leave a comment if you have any questions! If you have any suggestions about sections to add or things these rules might have missed out on, please leave a comment as well!
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