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Our Stand and Guidelines on Recasts

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Our Stand and Guidelines on Recasts

PostSat Apr 20, 2013 5:36 pm

As part of our advocacy to support BJD artists, we at ManikaManila DO NOT ALLOW RECASTS on forum discussions, gallery posts, and the marketplace as they are a form of art theft. Recasts are now officially part of our off-topic list. However, owners and their recast dolls (as well as other off-topic doll owners) can still join us at meets.

ManikaManila is a community built around the hobby of collecting and customizing Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs). As such, we are well-aware of the fact that counterfeits (recasts) exist and that different dolls brands such as Volks, LUTS, and Dollheart also acknowledge this. There are no established laws against owning a counterfeit; but in a hobby where authenticity dictates value and small companies are hurt in the process, fakes must be warned against.

Recasts hurt the BJD industry. While large fashion houses and tech companies may still have a lot to fall back on, many BJD manufacturers are small companies or even independent artists. Dolls are not mass-produced, they are often created one at a time or in limited batches. Stealing the art of legitimate companies and depriving them of their income may cause them to stop working in the industry altogether. Recasting is a form of art theft.

Recasts have a hit-and-miss quality. Because recasts are backed by sellers not part of the company, they can’t be relied on for consistent quality. Furthermore, by buying from them, you will not have the protection of the company in case something goes wrong. Legit companies have a reputation to protect, so you can count on them for customer service.

Recasts will have no value to collectors. Collectors are known to value dolls according to their authenticity. Those found to be selling bootlegs without giving notice to them can be charged with fraud. While there is no consumer law in the Philippines that protects buyers who are tricked into buying fake items, moderators can take action against you and suspend or ban you from the community.

Selling and openly presenting a recast in the community creates an environment of distrust among other doll owners who have worked very hard to get their legitimate dolls. Because of this, if you are caught selling a recast, you will be banned permanently. Those caught showing or discussing their recast dolls with the intention to promote recasting will also be given a warning. Persistent pro-recast behavior (eg. telling a person to buy a recast or constantly posting a recast doll despite prior warnings) on the forums may be grounds for banning.

Bottom Line:
Recasts and pro-recast discussion are not allowed anywhere in the forum, making them officially off-topic dolls.
Recast dolls are also not allowed on the ManikaManila Census.
However, as with all other off-topic doll owners, those who own recast dolls can still attend ManikaManila meets.
Selling a recast, offering to buy a recast for someone, and persistently pushing a pro-recast opinion on other forum members is grounds for banning.

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