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Guidelines for On- and Off-Topic Dolls

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Guidelines for On- and Off-Topic Dolls

PostSat Apr 20, 2013 5:41 pm

We at ManikaManila welcome doll enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds, but because our community is solely devoted to Ball-Jointed Dolls, we need to set down rules for what we regard as on-topic and off-topic.

On-topic dolls are articulated dolls made of resin which feature several ball and socket joints. These joints must be at least at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs, knees, and ankles. The dolls must be sculpted in a detailed way so they can be photographed nude. They must be strung with elastic or similar. Their size must be consistent with other BJD manufacturers. Finally, they must have a two-part head that accommodates changing eyes.

On-topic dolls can be displayed in the gallery, discussed on the forum, and sold on the marketplace.

Despite not fitting into the above criteria, dolls that fall under the Dollfie Dream line and those with similar construction and scale are on-topic due to their association (swappable parts and accessories) with resin BJDs. These include the following lines: Dollfie Dream (Mini, Dynamite, Sister, etc), Obitsu (60, 50, and 40), and Danny Choo's Smart Doll.

All Hujoo dolls, including their Pullip-sized vinyl dolls, have been included in our on-topic list due to their BJD-like construction and their sizes common with most standard BJDs, which makes them relevant to the community.

To inquire if your doll meets the criteria for on-topic doll, feel free to PM a moderator :)

Off-topic dolls include the following:

- Vinyl dolls outside of the exceptions stated above.
- Western fashion dolls made of vinyl such as Barbie, Bratz, Tonner, Monster High, Moxie, etc.
- 1/6 Asian fashion dolls: Blythe, Pullip, Jenny, Licca, Azone Pure Neemo, Azone Kikipop, etc.
- Any doll with rooted hair and eyes that cannot be interchanged.
- Resin fashion dolls (bodies have minimal sculpting, not suitable for displaying nude)
- Recasts (for more information, please read our official stance on recasts)

Off-topic dolls cannot be the subject of a gallery thread. But off-topic dolls, with the exception of recasts, can be shown in a gallery together with an on-topic doll. Off-topic dolls cannot be sold on the marketplace. They also cannot be the focus of any discussion.

On-topic and off-topic dolls are subject to change by the moderators.

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