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by Krishna

Don’t know what an Asian Ball Jointed Doll is? Feel free to read up on them through this Wikipedia entry. We follow the guidelines on the Den of Angels forums regarding dolls that are on-topic for discussion. While we happily welcome all kinds of doll owners and dolls to our community and meets, this community was made for Asian Ball Jointed Doll discussion, so all posts should be on-topic :)

The ABJD hobby is a complex one. These 10 facts might help you get started out:

1. There are no shops selling Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJDs) in the Philippines. Do not trust people on Multiply who sell ABJDs. Only buy from the manufacturer’s online shop.

Here are some of the most popular manufacturers available online:

VOLKS (Japan)
Dream of Doll (Korea)
LUTS (Korea)

2. An ABJD can cost from 300 to over 1,000 US dollars depending on the size and brand. If you’re on a budget, you can always buy from Chinese companies or settle for a second-hand doll. It helps to do your research.

Here are some of the popular cheaper manufacturers some of our members have bought from:

Angel of Dream

3. Most BJD online shops require you to have a Paypal account or credit card. Make sure to have these on hand when you decide to buy your own doll.

4. EMS is the most reliable and affordable method for shipping your doll.

5. Because ABJDs are imported non-commercial goods, they are subject to customs taxes. Please refer to the following post regarding Customs and Shipping: Here!

6. Limited edition ABJDs will come with clothes and face-up (the term for doll make-up). Standard editions are usually naked with blank faces. You can also assemble your own ABJD by buying parts from different companies.

7. You can buy different wigs, clothes, shoes and accessories for ABJDs from manufacturer shops or online sellers. From time to time, ManikaManila members might be selling second-hand items or things they have made themselves.

8. RESEARCH! Check out all the doll companies, compare the various models and do not click BUY unless you’re absolutely sure it’s the one you want.

9. ManikaManila holds regular doll meet-ups. If you’re interested in a particular doll that is already owned by someone in the group, going to a meet is the best way for you to check out your dream doll!

Here’s a list of all the ABJDs in the Philippines.

10. Do not hesitate to post questions here! The MMDA officers and friendly ManikaManila members are always ready to help you get your first doll.

If you’d like to read on more on things about the community or questions that have been asked here before, feel free to check out our MMDA Advisories and the community’s useful things.

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