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1. Keep your doll away from direct sunlight and dust. This will protect them from yellowing. (see Summer Survival guide)

2. Check your doll regularly for stains. Clean as soon as possible. (see Cleaning guide)

3. Observe your doll’s clothing and wigs. If left on too long, staining is possible.

4. If you are going to travel with your doll, make sure you put them in a secure, cushioned bag and that their faces are protected with face masks.

5. Avoid touching your doll’s face to preserve their faceups.

6. Make sure your hands are clean before handling your doll.

7. Keep oil-based substances away from your doll. Oil will damage the resin. Use only water-based materials for face-ups, tattoos, etc. (see Face-up guide)

8. You may also help preserve the resin condition by spraying your doll with UV cut MSC.

9. Regularly check the elasticity of your doll, as actively posing and moving your dolls can loosen the tension of their stringing. Your doll might need a change of strings or restringing every few months/years.

10. Some dolls need help with posability. Silicone disks – or “kips,” hot-glue sueding the joints, or wiring the inside of your doll could significantly improve their movements and allow them to hold more poses.


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