Tiangge (n) a flea market, bazaar; an open-air market selling a variety of goods.

ManikaManila has been all about bringing together Filipino BJD hobbyists, from those living in the capital region, to the provinces, and even from overseas. And what better way to gather us all together than in a physical marketplace where we can get great finds for our resin friends and mingle with new people? That’s how the idea of the ManikaManila Tiangge came about.

The Tiangge didn’t start as the Tiangge, however. This new tradition for ManikaManila has its roots in the “End of Summer Sale” held in June 2011. Held at nomnomnom happy food in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, it was more of a small party with a little selling and trading than an all-out bazaar. Nonetheless, this cozy gathering of doll owners and local doll-loving craftspeople was a surefire hit and people began to continuously ask the mods “when will the next one be?”

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To answer the many people asking about the next MM sale, the mods gathered together to work on something much bigger. Unfortunately, due to the scale of this new project, the next event happened not in summer like the previous year. Instead, it happened on October 2012. This time, it was at Greenbelt Parkplace, Makati City.

And this bigger event was the first ManikaManila Tiangge.

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The first Tiangge brought in 23 sellers and over 100 attendees. There were all kinds of doll-related goods and services on sale, from clothes, to furniture, and even on-the-spot aesthetic services. That year, we also had one food concessionaire supplying much needed sweets and water to the all-day crowd.

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ManikaManila Tiangge 2013 marked the beginning of our annual Booth Display and Photography Contests. These challenged exhibitors and members to create eye-catching booth displays and inspiring photographs following the theme.

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ManikaManila Tiangge 2014 was the year we launched #MMSelfie, a social media campaign for the purpose of promoting the event. Potential attendees were tasked to take a selfie of themselves with their doll/s, and to state their reasons for being excited to attend the Tiangge. This year we also started Trivia Games, icebreakers to liven up the mood of the event and test attendees’ knowledge on the hobby. Many, many prizes from DollHeart, Luts, Lullaby Poem, rRabit and Candy Corner were given away.

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ManikaManila Tiangge 2015 marked the 10th year anniversary of ManikaManila as a community. We were able to gather a record of 16 sponsors: DollHeart, Nine9style, rRabit, Lullaby Poem, Atrium Hoshino, Doll Marche, Soundplay, Pearls of Danube, Fabuula Rasa, Black Carousel, Regne de L’Art, Lovesprung, Cottonhoney, Custom Critter Designs, La Esperanza Doll Shop and Dorset Clothing. For the first time, a doll was given away care of Nine9style, and the winner became a first time doll owner. More giveaways and promos were launched, and several happy guests went home with prizes from our various sponsors and exhibitors.

As the BJD hobby continues to grow in the Philippines, we’re only certain that the Tiangge will only keep getting bigger as more people join us to show their great talents in craftsmaking and doll styling.

Want to be part of this upcoming event? Become a sponsor, apply as a seller or exhibitor, or pre-register as a guest to save on the entrance fee!