Booth List

We’re pleased to present to you our Booth List for ManikaManila Tiangge 2016!


Selling: BJD Accessories

The Firefly Menagerie

Selling: BJD Accessories

The Enabler

Selling: Clothes, Accessories, Props, Doll parts ( DD / SD )

Yuki’s Den

Selling: BJD and human sized items, hats, clothes, apparels, head wears, accessories, etc


Selling: BJD essentials, photo prints & pre-loved items


Selling: Clothes, wigs, bags


Selling: Clothes, Bags, Shoes, Accessories

The Midnight Marionette

Selling: Kigurumis for dolls and humans, plus accessories and used clothing for dolls
PROMO: All (SD) sized kigurumis are 100php off!

DL Angel

Selling: Accessories

Vintage Doll Tea House

Selling: Accessories


Selling: Clothing


Selling: Second hand doll stuff, art and weebsnacks


Selling: Doll stuffs, Shirts, ETC


Selling: Knitted wearables (hats, sweaters, vest, etc)


Selling: Finger food, bottled water, bottled juices, BJD/Dollfie clothes, shoes, wigs


Selling: BJD clothes, 2nd hand items & cookies

Dear Resin

Selling: BJD Clothes and Accessories


Selling: Doll clothes

Star Sapphire


The 5th Atelier

Selling: BJD Clothing, Apparel & Furniture

Sweetest Goodbye

Selling: Doll clothes and accessories

Royal Flush

Selling: Doll clothes, accessories, wigs

Rabbit Head

Selling: Various food miniatures and doll accessories

A Little Wing

Selling: Knitted accessories for dolls and people

Project Dollground

Selling: Clothes, shoes, accessories and wigs with strong focus on MSDs

The Joint Factory

Selling: Doll items

Cafe Mademoiselle

Selling: Doll clothes and accessories

Bunnilla Pluf

Selling: Clothes and Plushies