Booth List

We’re pleased to present to you our Booth List for ManikaManila Tiangge 2017!

The 5th Atelier

Selling: BJD clothing

The Joint Factory

Selling: Doll items, doll wigs, action figures

Meow Doll Mall

Selling: BJD and doll parts

The Midnight Marionette

Selling: Kigurumis and SD clothes

Yuki’s Den

Selling: Clothes, accessories, hats, etc.


Selling: Doll Accessories & second hand doll items.

The Enabler

Selling: Doll stuff (clothes, parts, props)


Selling: Doll clothing

Dear Resin

Selling: BJD clothes & accessories


Selling: Doll items, doll wigs, action figures


Selling: Clothes, preloved clothes/shoes, 2nd hand dolls


Selling: Doll clothes, wigs and etc

Cafe Mademoiselle

Selling: Doll outfits


Selling: Second hand doll items

Sui Doll Clothing

Selling: Wa Lolita for BJD


Selling: BJD essentials & brand new/pre-loved items