Booth Display Contest

All booths with BJD’s are entries by default.
Visitors will vote for their favorite booth display.

Voting will be open only until 5:00PM.




Photography Contest


Iniwanan? Nang-iwan?
Umasa? Pinaasa?
Pinambayad ang pag-ibig at sinuklian ng sakit?
Hagulgol habang nakahalupasay sa sahig sabay patugtog ng Aegis?

O, anong #hugot ng manika mo?

Our dolls, like people, have their stories. These stories, like our own, are not always happy. There are moments of sadness, loss, heartbreak, and suffering. In these moments, however, there is also beauty, hope, catharsis, perhaps even a self-aware, self-deprecating sense of humor. These are the moments we want to see in this year’s ManikaManila Tiangge Photo Contest.

The theme for the 2016 ManikaManila Tiangge Photo Contest is #hugot. When was the first time your doll had its little resin heart broken? What – or who – got your doll’s little resin hopes up, only for it to come crashing down, leaving cracks in their spirit that not even super glue and a good mod job could fix? What does your doll do in times of torment and trouble? Cry or karaoke? Channel that heartbreak into something beautiful. Take a photo and enter it into our contest. Despite the tears, you might find a reason to smile.

In order to be eligible to participate, you must be either a) a Filipino citizen or b) currently living in the Philippines.

1) Each eligible participant can submit a maximum of two (2) entries.
2) Each entry should consist of only one (1) image. Photo stories and collages are not allowed.
3) The photograph submitted can contain dolls owned by other people. However, the permission of the doll’s owner must be sought beforehand.
4) The minimum resolution of each image should be 1800×1200 pixels, or 6″ x 4″ at 300 dpi.
5) Minimum photo editing (e.g. cropping, color correction, sharpening, brightening, small removals like stray hairs or items, etc.) is allowed in each photo. Heavy photo editing (e.g. changing the background of the photo entirely) is not allowed.
6) Each entry must have a caption of 1-3 sentences written by the participant. This caption can be used to expound more on the theme or tell the more of the story behind the photo.

1) Deadline for submission is on August 1 2016, Monday, 11:59pm via email. All entries will be submitted as email attachments.
2) Email all submissions to with the subject PHOTO CONTEST – YOUR NAME.
3) One entry per email. If you are submitting two photos, please send two separate emails.
4) Photos must be sent as JPGs or PNGs. Captions must be attached as TXTs or RTFs. The title of the photo file and the title of the caption file must be the same.
5) In the body of the email, please include the following information:

Full Name:
Facebook URL: (if applicable)
MM Forum Username: (if applicable)
Cellphone Number:
Email Address:

1) There will be one (1) winner of the Grand Prize. The winner of the Grand Prize will be selected by a panel of judges prior to the event.
2) There will be one (1) winner of the People’s Choice. The winner of the People’s Choice will be selected through votes on the day of the event. All ticket holders and booth concessionaires will be eligible to vote on the day of the event.
3) There will be one (1) runner up.



Grand Prize

People’s Choice


  • TBA

Should the winner be currently residing in a country other than the Philippines: You must be willing to cover shipping of your doll head to and from your country.
You will also allow us to choose your prize for you. We will choose depending on the doll in your photo, or what is available. You may also have to cover the shipping for this prize.


Your judges are:

Good luck!