House Rules

We’d like to make this event run as smoothly as possible, so here are a few house rules!

  1. 0% TRASH
    We’d like to make sure everyone has a comfortable experience, so please keep your surroundings neat and tidy. The registration booth will (probably) have its own trash bin, but it will be best if sellers (especially food concessionaires) have their own, too. Also, take note that our floor is carpeted.
    The exhibitors and yes, some buyers will have their dolls with them, but please don’t touch them without the owner’s permission! Make sure your hands are clean before you handle the dolls. Also, if you have any non-BJD folk coming along, please let them know about this as well.
    Lots of it! Or at least a sufficient amount. In case you need more, there is an ATM station within the Southgate mall. But to save you the hassle of moving up and down the elevator, it’s best to bring all you need.
    For your convenience, to store your buys better, and to make sure you don’t lose them!
  5. MINGLE!
    This event isn’t just for buying—it’s prime time to get to know each other more! Meet new people and dolls. Nametags will be provided at the registration desk.