Aug 3 2016

Photo Contest Entries 2016

Here are the entries for this year’s ManikaManila Tiangge Photo Contest.

The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by a panel of judges: PropertyOfTheUchiha, Allemarthe, Lightlybattered, Samurainx and Dollstars.
The People’s Choice and Runner-up will be chosen by YOU, the ManikaManila Tiangge attendee, on the event proper. Vote for your favorite entries at our Registration Booth.

The theme is #hugot.


May the next life be kinder to us by Jhulian Gutierrez
May the next life be kinder to us. With love, farewell.


Marry the Sea by Alek Weber
Your tongue was the tide, your lips the shore, and as the water poured into my lungs, I quickly realized drowning was not a wild panic, but a quiet, encompassing dread. Swimming up to breathe, I chose instead to stay afloat. But as I return to the vast blue, alone, I wonder what it would be like to drown.


Kape by Janine Vicencio
Ang lamig, gusto ko ng kape.
Yung kapeng matapang.
Yung kaya akong ipaglaban.


Parallel Lines by Janine Vicencio
Naaalala mo pa ba yung pinag-aralan natin noon sa Geometry? Yung Parallel Lines?

Alam mo, ganun tayo. We have so much in common, BFFs nga tayo diba? Lagi tayong magkasama at magkatabi. Pero alam mo, never ever tayong “nag-meet”.


Struggle Pretty by Karen Arvie Gabriel
It has been months since we last talk, hundreds of hours since I last saw you. Hard as I deny, I miss our conversations (even if it was you who always initiate because I am often lost for words), talking about nothing and everything. Sometimes I find myself in front of the computer screen staring, thinking, wanting to reach you…


#palayain by Greg Otico
Minsan kailangan nating pakawalan ang ating tanging kaligayahan.
Masakit man tanggapin pero ito ay kailangan.
Walang lubusang liligaya sa hawlang gawa sa kasakiman.


by Jeffrey Del Rosario
We’re almost there, but almost is never enough to have you in my life.


Paano by Bunny Contreras
Paano magkakaroon ng TAYO, kung merong KAYO?


Kailangan by Bunny Contreras
Kailangan mo ring sumuko minsan dahil alam mong wala nang patutunguhan.

Kailangan mo nalang tanggapin at magsimulang muli.


La Reyna by Karen Arvie Gabriel
He has nothing to give her; no past, no name, no future. She deserves better; she will have someone better, he promised himself, dismissing the unfamiliar ache that slowly creeps up his chest.


One’s Trash, Same’s Treasure by Carissa Uy
One man’s trash is another’s treasure, not always true.
Just needed to throw me away, he was presented an opportunity of a lifetime.
I obliged, even if he took a part of me along with him.


A Little Too Big by Carissa Uy
Some are born with it while others make it through hard work.
Is hard work really enough when I am facing something much bigger than I?
I have no choice – only grace under pressure.


The Sweetest Dream by Alek Weber
When I close my eyes, my emptiness is engulfed by the overwhelming feeling of the memories of you & I.