Photo Contest Entries

Here are the entries for this year’s ManikaManila Tiangge Photo Contest.

The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by a panel of judges: R727, Geekisthecolour, PropertyOfTheUchiha, Zoey Evergreen and Dollstars.
The People’s Choice and Runner-up will be chosen by YOU, the ManikaManila Tiangge attendee, on the event proper. Vote for your favorite entries at our Registration Booth.


Photographer: Lev Leetian
Title: Eat All You Can
Description: Breaking the Guinness world record: Most apples eaten by a baby dragon in 1 minute (previous record holder was 97). Hopper the dragon just beat it by eating 101 apples and everyone celebrated the record-breaking moment in the park. Burp.


Photographer: Martin Zoleta
Title: Achievement Unlocked: Play With Fire


Photographer: Ian Cartalaba
Title: Heart of Adventure
Description: Kyle’s first attempt at caving and rock scrambling.
Challenging himself to try new things is his vice and Whatever awaits him lies beneath his heart of adventure.


Photographer: Ian Cartalaba
Title: Rediscover
Description: Hera bravely went to Italy to trace her roots. Her birth father was a local sculptor from Tuscany but she never met him.
Now she breathes the same tuscan air as her father was, a rediscovery she needed to pursue her art.


Photographer: Andrea Santos
Title: Snow Day
Description: Smokey breath, shivers to my bones, artic soles.
Water became Earth, as Earth became crisped and cold.
My first Snow Day, I dreamt to hold


Photographer: Janine Vicencio
Title: He Who Plays with Fire
Description: Unlocking his ability to control fire has always been Jared’s greatest achievement. He may not be one of the sharpest minds at school, but he can assure you that his flames and skill in fire sorcery will always shine the brightest.


Photographer: Monique Dimanlig
Title: Investiture of the Scout
Description: “Lucrezia, upon your crowned head falls the honor and the rank of Scout; of the land of Edalai, kingdom of nobles, where the Winged Ones soar. Do you accept this honor, responsibility, and swear by the hand of the King to fulfill your duties?”

“I solemnly do.”


Photographer: Jhulian Gutierrez
Title: Violin Trio
Description: Achievement Unlocked: Playing Mini Me with Frei, in both shells, with violins. Also, TFW the littlest one is the best player. XD


Photographer: Arvie Gabriel
Title: Asseveration
Description: I’ve always wanted to do this shoot since it’s a recurring scene in their story. Naya patching up a wounded Aahil after another raid while she cries over how he would constantly put his life on the line and him stating that it is his sworn duty to protect her and keep her safe.


Photographer: Richelle Tamayo
Title: Calm the Diva
Description: This a personal achievent for me. Sultana has suffered horrendous fashion because of me but this time
I finally clothe her with proper attire that suits her.


Photographer: Richelle Tamayo
Title: Fly Like a Bird
Description: Hamish loves to play and he’s very adventurous. This time he finally achieved to imitate
flying by being tied rope, with an sky cityscape image on a tv as the background and a little wind. Of course he manage to find a pair of wings to complete the look.


Photographer: Carissa Uy
Title: Shoes
Description: Mom, you don’t have to tie my shoes anymore.


Photographer: Carissa Uy
Title: Shopping
Description: I’m glad my Mom liked the things I bought for her, just let me catch my breath…


Photographer: Ribbonfiend
Title: Come With Me
Description: Soon after coming back from a long journey, MiNinon met Dice Little! She quickly grew fond of him, and would often take him with her wherever she goes. She doesn’t realize it because she’s so young, but she has actually unlocked an achievement­­–She’s found a precious friend!


Photographer: Clarice Ng
Title: Cooking Master
Description: The photo actually shows two things that I consider achievements: owning my first BJD and making polymer clay food. While the first achievement is understandable, given that Chame is one of the things that I had saved for for months, I actually had zero experience in making realistic food and didn’t know how to work with polymer clay until March 2015. I’m really happy with my progress and how fast I’ve grasped it since I never thought I could make the things that I do and thus, I chose the title “Cooking Master” from the anime with the same name, which starred a cooking prodigy and his adventures (which Chame thinks that he is).


Photographer: Clarice Ng
Title: Little Girl, Big Glutton
Description: This one is a bit more comedic and can stand alone or follow the first picture. I guess the title says all on this one. This little Lati ate all that SD Food in under an hour, which made her brother cry since those were to be shipped to other people, and all she could say is “Oops.”


Photographer: Alek Weber
Title: Winner’s Trophy
Description: What better proof of your achievements in battle than the heads of those you’ve slain?