Photo Contest Entries

Here are the entries for this year’s ManikaManila Tiangge Photo Contest.

The theme is “New Ventures“.

What new ventures will you and/or your dolls be pursuing together? Are you graduating from college, entering a new job or changing careers? Are you looking forward to adding a new member to your crew, selling a doll to reshell a character, or is your story going in a direction that you never expected it to go in the first place? If you’ve got nothing that drastic in mind, it can be as simple as getting a new hair color, or learning a new skill.

Show us your new ventures in the form of a photo at #mmtiangge2017 and we’ll show you ours then as well.

So, what does your future hold?

The Grand Prize Winner and Runner-up will be chosen by YOU, the ManikaManila Tiangge attendee, on the event proper. Vote for your favorite entries at our Registration Booth.


Photographer: Tatat Roses
Title: Together With You
Photo Caption: Motherhood is scary, but you never really understand life until it grows inside of you. To some people, everything ends with a baby, to Tala, life has just begun. Each passing day is now an amazing journey filled with hope, love, laughter and dreams.


Photographer: Alek Weber
Title: Uncharted Territory
Photo Caption: A strange, foreign place stands before you. Beautiful and unfamiliar, you think yourself ready and prepared for your journey ahead. Take that first step, and don’t look back.


Photographer: John Joel A. Gavino
Title: Lost in Wonderland
Photo Caption: Who knows where we’re all headed, or what the future holds? “You’re sure [to get somewhere],” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough” (Alice in Wonderland, 1865).


Photographer: Jeffrey L. Del Rosario
Title: Cosplay Partner
Photo Caption: Cosplaying is part of my life and I think it would be wonderful if I would do it with my Dolls this time as our new venture together. Looking forward to cosplay with them with a lots of costumes, photos, happiness and enjoyment!.


Photographer: Impulse Gale Bare
Title: #vlogsquad
Photo Caption: As the end of 2017 is fast approaching, Caprice and I will only be starting our Vlog journey together. A picture can paint a thousand words. But in a Vlog, it can capture precious events in life whether it is good or bad.


Photographer: Impulse Gale Bare
Title: #youtubeislife
Photo Caption: Film→Edit→Share→Repeat.


Photographer: Angie Tan
Title: Fight and Flight
Photo Caption: In my new venture, I’m taking a leap of faith which will either send me flying or falling.
It’s frightening – But just like the timely appearance of the sun in this photo, I remind myself to grab the opportunity as it comes in hopes something amazing will happen.
This is my way of capturing that terrifying and exciting moment with Dice: Fight and Fly!


Photographer: Madz Nievera
Title: New Model
Caption: When Rory came home, one of the first things Elie asked Rory was to have her measurements taken for their first joint venture: the expansion of the Dear Resin sub-store, Tindahan ni Elie. It is now known as the Tindahan ni Elie at Rory.